Earth-most beautiful of all planets! Yes, there are planets visible in the month of June. Mainly, Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are visible right now. These planets are visible tonight. […]

What is the Solar System?

  Have you ever looked up into the sky at night and noticed that some of the stars look very bright. If you continued watching them over many nights, you […]

Planets Visible May

Can you name these planets? Yes, there are planets visible in the night sky during the month of May. Those five planets from west to east are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, […]

Hi Everyone. I have had fun sending you some interesting pages and posts, covering many topics in this website. I  sent you a list of science books, experiments, and science […]

Planets Visible April

Can you name these planets? Yes, there are planets visible tonight. In fact, there are five major planets visible tonight and throughout this month of April. Those five planet from west […]


About 8 years ago I began taking more detailed pictures of the universe. It costs more money to do it successfully, more patience, and the ability to humble myself and […]

  I believe that this is the best telescope for the money. It is the Celestron  1100  (11″) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. Can get it for less than $3000. I have had […]

Astropictures with DSLR

I know that some of you have seen a few pictures of mine of galaxies and nebula. Some of you may wonder if you could do the same thing. Well, […]

Fun Science for Kids have wonderful fantastic sources of books, which are fun, educational, and entertaining ways of reaching kids in the best ways possible.  Many books have multiple science experiments, […]